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RUN&GUN Blog Translations
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RUN&GUN Blog Translations Community
This community provides the English translations for the each of the 4 members blog entries.
Created on 02.22.2010

RUN&GUN is a group of 4 boys, Nagata Akira, Miyashita Yuya, Yonehara Kousuke, and leader, Kamiyama Ryuji who have been together for 10 years.

More information, media, and etc. on RUN&GUN at wishing_on

RG Eiyaku Subs
Was created by us, who translate in this community. We are a small team, working solely on RUN&GUN related media.
Completed Projects: Jump up Live (Ikemendel), YooSoRo backstage, Blue Sheets Backstage, Kousuke & Ryuji Air Gear TGR Talk (GaruPara), Believe PV (subs/karaoke).

Translator(s): iupdarlin & rungunai
Layout Designer: rungunai

Community Rules:
- Post are strictly for translated blog entries.
- Only mods have access to post
- If you find an mistranslation, please let us know.
- All entries are PUBLIC and available for everyone to see.